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Taj Mahal
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The art of Indian cookery lies NOT in high spicing but in the delicacy of spicing. Indian cuisine is universally known for its distinctive flavorings. It was in fact the lure of these spices which first brought the British and the French, the Dutch and the Portuguese to the Indian coast. It is the use of selected spices in a particular manner (whole spices, ground and or spice blends) to bring out the dormant flavors of a dish, which is the real art, practiced by the experienced chefs in the Taj Mahal Restaurant's kitchen. 

Wine is a wonderful way to get the most out of these exotic and unique spices! We have paired a special wine and food menu just for you! 

Full Wine Parings Menu

Pouring Wine

We've done the work for you! 

Enjoy a curated food & wine pairing menu along with our top recommendations! 

Pouring Wine

Great Reds to pair with Indian

Great whites to pair with indian

Vegetarian Thali


Samosa Chat

Crispy pastry, garbanzo beans, mint & tamarind chutney, sweet yogurt

Wine Pairing: Fontella Chianti 

Chicken 65

spicy red chicken, house made sauce, tempered in curry leaves and mustard seeds

Wine Pairing: Clos de Napa

Vino's Favorite Chicken & Lamb Wine Pairing

Chicken Curry

Butter Chicken

white chicken, creamy makhani sauce

Wine Pairing: Three Henry Pinot Noir 

Lamb Kadhai

lamb cooked with onions & bell peppers, in flavorful curry sauce

Wine Pairing: Precision Zin

Dip Spread

Vino's favorite Seafood & Veggie Wine Pairing 

Shrimp Curry 

succulent shrimp, spiced in-house onion tomato sauce

Wine Pairing: Fritz Riesling 

Paneer Kadhai

paneer, onions, bell peppers, in flavorful curry sauce

Wine Pairing: Thee Henry Chardonay

Dark Chocolate Chunks


Raas Malai

Dumplings made from cottage cheese soaked in sweetened thickened milk with cardamom

Wine Pairing: Les Asslies

Carrot Halwa

Sweetened shredded carrots, Topped with Pistachios and light ricotta cheese

Wine Pairing: Pra Vinera Cabernet

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What our wine community is saying:

Wine Toast

Sarah, lover of white wine! 

The spice with the Riesling was fantastic!!! 
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