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Chateaus Montus Madiran Rouge

Chateaus Montus Madiran Rouge


Francois' French Opinion: Chateau Montus benefits from a superb terroir, unique in the Southwest, consisting of steep slopes with large pebbles on top of fine clay from the Pyrenees. A miracle occurred in 1985 when this wine upset the hierarchy of mythical red wines and was noticed all over the world, with its significant proportion of Tannat. Nicknamed the Petrus of the Southwest by a dozen wine critics for 30 years now, Chateau Montus expresses all the characteristics of these exceptional terroirs. This Tannat wine reveals the quality and intensity of the grape. It is still full of tannins, but the fruit really shines. With immense black fruits, rich spices and a big tannic structure and prolonged finish this is just now coming into its own.


Pair with: Rib of beef, rack of lamb, duck breast, game, and spicy oriental cuisine

Region: Madiran, France

Varietal: Tannat

Awards: 95 Points Wine Enthusiast

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