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Le Chardonnay d'Alain Brumont

Le Chardonnay d'Alain Brumont


Francois' French Opinion: Alain Brumont set out to create a new spin on Chardonnay that reflected the wine of Southwest France. He did more than succeed with this wine. The result: an opulent wine, with a creamy texture and a refreshing finish. Complex aromas of hazelnuts, quince, lemon and dried fruits. This gold colored, rich Chardonnay is balanced now and perfectly ready to drink. It shows wood aging flavors along with hints of juicy yellow fruits that are moving towards maturity.


Pair with: White meat, curry sauce, lamb ribs, fish on white sauce, and Porc noir de Bigorre

Region: Vin de France, France

Varietal: Chardonnay

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