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Masottina Le Rive di Ogliano

Masottina Le Rive di Ogliano


Ryan's Two-Cents: Twice voted the best Prosecco in the world, this elegant wine is not a shy one. It’s foam, crystal clear with incredibly fine lingering perlage, and the color displays pale straw. Off the nose, it will immediately charm your senses, odes of citrus fruit, grapefruit, lime, lemon lead to fragrances of roses and candied ginger. An excellent structure that is persistent; both soft yet harmonious. A balanced wine, where the aroma does not overwhelm the flavor, and the flavor respectfully does the same. This boastful Prosecco makes any moment a celebration.


Pair with: Raw fish, seafood pasta and soft stracchino cheese

Region: Vento, Italy

Varietal: Glera

Awards: Bronze Medal - 2018 Decanter Awards

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