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Tussock Jumper Pinot Grigio

Tussock Jumper Pinot Grigio


Lana's Spin: This pale straw-colored wine’s first impressions are derived from its nose driven by vocal pineapple, apple, and satsuma elements. A light-bodied wine of notable welcome acidity, its presence upon the palate evokes pineapple, apple, and vanilla impressions, all of them offered up on a platter of rain-washed stone. The tartness of grapefruit and burnt orange rise after swallowing, contributing to a mid-length finish characterized as much by ghosts of pineapple as by citrus fruits.


Pair with: Seafood, poultry, crudité, and goat or garroxta cheeses

Region: delle Venezie, Italy

Varietal: Pinot Grigio 

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