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In the the adventurous region of Chinon, hidden along the beautiful Loire and the Vienne rivers, winemaker Angelique Leon's story unfolds. Her journey is one of passion, dedication, and a profound connection to the land. As the steward of her family's estate in Savigny-en-Véron, Angelique embarked on her winemaking destiny in 2002, and today, she proudly presents vintages that reflect two decades of unwavering devotion to her craft.

A Vineyard Rooted in Tradition:

Angelique's vineyard is a testament to tradition and respect for the land. Spread across three distinct sectors, each with its unique terroir, her domain encompasses 7 hectares of vines that yield approximately 300 hectoliters of Chinon AOC wine annually. The vineyard consists of sandy and gravelly plains, the clay-limestone slopes of Le Clos de Danzay, and a plot of fine silt in the town of Lerné, south of the Vienne. Here, the Cabernet Franc grape reigns supreme, with vines averaging 30 to 40 years in age.

A Commitment to Authenticity:

Angelique Leon's approach to winemaking is deeply rooted in authenticity and sustainability. In 2018, she initiated the conversion of her vineyard to organic practices, with the first AB-labeled vintage emerging in 2021. For Angelique, winemaking begins in the vineyard, and she employs rigorous techniques to ensure the highest quality grapes. No chemical weedkillers have been used since 2010, and the vineyard undergoes meticulous care throughout the year!! Now, that's a wine my body can feel great about!

Spring sees the removal of excess branches through disbudding, while summer brings the delicate task of leaf removal to enhance aeration and ripening. The hand-harvested bunches undergo careful sorting, ensuring only the finest grapes make it to the vats. Angelique's hands-on approach continues with plot selection of grapes, native yeast fermentations lasting 18 to 20 days, and malolactic fermentations without prior bacterial seeding.

The Journey to Excellence:

Angelique's quest for excellence is a year-round endeavor. After natural clarification during the winter months and minimal filtration, the wines age gracefully in cement vats for approximately 10 months. Bottled the following July, these exquisite wines are stored in air-conditioned cellars until they are ready for the market.

Angelique Leon's journey as a winemaker is a beautiful story of tradition, sustainability, and devotion to her craft. Her organic Chinon AOC wines, predominantly red with a touch of rosé, are a testament to her passion and commitment to producing exceptional wines. With her unwavering dedication to quality, Angelique invites you to savor the vintages that tell the story of her profound love for winemaking. Experience the essence of Chinon and the Loire Valley at Tour the Vines! October 2-5,2023!


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