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History Nestled in the heart of Chateauneuf Calcenier, Domaine du Grand Tinel has a rich and storied history that dates back to the 18th century. It all began with François Establet, who in 1770, owned a vineyard in this picturesque region known as "the Popes." Fast forward to 1836, when Alex Establet expanded the family's vineyard holdings by acquiring more vines in the Escalruins area. The Establet legacy continued to flourish, but it was Georges Establet, Alex's son, who truly left his mark in 1846 by acquiring parcels of the Gardiole. These parcels remain at the heart of the estate, alongside the "Moulin à Vents," which was once known as the "Moulin de l’Auro" (Moulin of the Tree). Later, Marius Establet added to the family's legacy by establishing the estate of the "Petite Gardiole" and introducing wines bottled under its name. Born in 1906, Lucien Jeune was another key figure in the history of Domaine du Grand Tinel. He initially owned wines in the Baucau and Pied Redon areas. In the 1930s, he became involved in wine transport and later served as the mayor of Chateauneuf for an impressive 25 years. The 1960s saw the merging of two estates when Christiane Establet and Pierre Elie Jeune tied the knot, creating a united family legacy.

The Estate The birth of the Grand Tinel Estate took place in 1972, marked by the construction of a winery in 1974. This winery, with a capacity of 4,600 hectoliters, was designed across three levels. The basement became the aging cellar, adorned with oak barrels and kegs. The ground floor was dedicated to vinification and the arrival of grapes, while the first floor accommodated offices, an oenological laboratory, and a portion of the vinification vats. Covering a sprawling 74 hectares, the vineyard at Domaine du Grand Tinel is a testament to the commitment to quality winemaking. The vineyard boasts vines of significant age, with various grape varieties for both Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Côtes-du-Rhône wines. Notably, the black Grenache grape, considered the essence of Chateauneuf, takes center stage. Other varieties such as Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, and Counoise join in the ensemble for red wines, while white Grenache, Clairette, and Bourboulenc lend their charm to the white wines. In the Côtes-du-Rhône section, ancient black Grenache and Carignan vines flourish. The Jeune Elie family also holds the Saint Paul’s Domain (Clos Saint-Paul) in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, covering 14 hectares.

In December 2020, Domaine du Grand Tinel proudly earned the "High Environmental Value" (HVE) certification. This certification, recognized as level 3 of excellence within the "Environmental Certification of Agricultural Operations" system, places a strong emphasis on biodiversity and environmental performance. It signifies that the estate is committed to extensive biodiversity elements and minimizes the environmental impact of its agricultural practices, encompassing air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, and landscapes. This certification aligns with the demands of consumers seeking healthier and high-quality products, as well as the expectations of environmentally conscious citizens.

Wine Making

Grape-Gathering and Winemaking In September and October, visitors to Domaine du Grand Tinel experience the enchantment of grape-gathering. Their journey begins with a strong commitment to quality as they engage in hand-harvesting, meticulously selecting botrysed grapes right at the vineyard's edge. Once these treasures reach the wine cellar, another careful selection occurs on a sorting table. The grapes are then expertly destemmed and crushed, laying the foundation for their transformation in thermo-regulated tanks. Here, fermentation unfolds at its own pace, lasting 4 to 5 weeks. Throughout this intricate process, visitors engage in gentle punch-downs and releases, preserving the grapes' unique characteristics and aromas. Daily tastings become a cherished ritual, guiding them on their relentless pursuit of perfection, where red wines shine, making up an impressive 95% of the production.

enter into the story & taste the legacy! tour the vines: october 2-5, 2023.


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